Top 5 Electric GoKarting Tips


The beginners will always fail to complete a go-karting track in time and style. It is not about the driving skills but the presence of mind on the track to push the pedals at the right time. It is essential to learn about electric go-karting before you step into the racetracks. Here are some tips for beginners to avoid mistakes in go-kart racing.

Let the faster racer pass

One of the mistakes that beginners commit on the race tracks is blocking the racers who are faster than them. Remember that in go-karting the object is not to come first, but to finish the track in record time. Do not spoil the laps for others and yourself by trying to defend your position. If a racer is faster than you, let them pass and try to stick their speed and strategy. It will help improve your skills and kart control.

Racer pass

Maintain your posture

Go-kart has a low seated position which can make you feel inclined to lean during the turns and hunh over the wheel. But the ideal posture is to sit up straight and keep your head upright. You will notice that by sitting straight, you are able to perform better.

Break in a straight line

Another common mistake that beginners make is breaking during the turns. The right strategy is to break right before the turn and then push the pedal to accelerate when you reach the mid of the turn. Braking while turning will also damage your grip and you can twist your kart.

Slow in and fast out

Following the previous tip, many beginners forget to take their foot off the gas while making turns. This may work in the karts which have low hp and are meant for families and kids, but a high power kart can cause crashes. The barriers will protect you from any injuries, but you will lose a lot of time in your lap. You need the slow in and fast out a strategy to get a record time. Slow down your cart at a comfortable speed to take a corner and hit the gas for full throttle when you reach the apex of the corner.

Find a smooth steering

It may sound good when your kart is making the drift noises, but it also means that the tyres are losing grip. A good grip is important to take the best laps. You need to keep the kart running with only a minimum need of slowing down, and a bad grip can ruin that. Get smooth steering and good grip to confidently take turns at higher speeds and record the best time among your friends.

In the end, make sure to learn the track map in order to make early decisions on your turns. The beginners forget to learn the map and then face troubles with surprise bends. Learn the racing line and keep practising to make the best laps possible.

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